New Limerick brand highlights ‘destination with an edge’

Limerick – Atlantic Edge, European Embrace

Limerick: Where our edge has been sharpened as much by harsh Atlantic winds as by the tough trials of history… and where the embrace of millennia of European culture is warm and enduring. This is our Limerick. Where edge meets embrace #LimerickEdgeEmbrace |

Posted by on Thursday, January 30, 2020


A new Limerick brand designed by M&C Saatchi will encourage visitors, business people and investors “to see the city and county with fresh eyes”.

That’s according to Mayor of City and County, Cllr Michael Sheahan, who presided over the launch of Limerick’s first ever international brand and marketing campaign.

‘Atlantic Edge; European Embrace’ is the new master brand for city and county.

The campaign is “a sign of newfound confidence in who we are, what we are and what we have to offer,” Cllr Sheahan said at the launch.

The new logo’s shape is based on condensed letters of ‘Limerick’, its designers say, with a colour palette ranging from Atlantic Ocean blues to the county green and even gritty limestone greys from the famous Treaty Stone.

The brand reflects “the future of Limerick city and county”, said Liz Nolan of Lyric FM, who MC’d the launch. It projects “a resurgence” in both city and county, she added, saying the time has now come to project this energy on a national level.