Seasonal Updates July 2018

We visited some of our growers this week to review summer lines;

At Iona Farms, a full range of Baby Vegetables are now in full swing including Baby & Micro Carrots, Fennel, Turnips, Parsnips, Leeks & Beetroots – Golden, Striped & Red. Irish Cherries will be available shortly and they are looking and tasting superb. Iona Farms also have Cherry Tomatoes & Raspberries which will be harvested over the next 2-3 weeks.

In Season Now – Baby Vegetables, Broad Beans, Courgette Flowers, Rhubarb

We also visited one of our Salad Growers, Matt Rooney who showed us his full range of Salad Leaves including Lollo, Oak, Iceberg, Gems, Cos and Butterhead. Matt & his team cut all our salads in the evening which are delivered fresh the following day to ensure maximum freshness for our customers.

Carnaval Cherry Tomatoes

This seasons petite Carnival Cherry Tomatoes are proving a huge hit with our customers this Summer – delicious, juicy & super sweet.

This amazing array of colours and tastes are ideal for salads, gazpacho, pastas and are delicious served on pizzas.
€ 10.80 per 3 kilo box


Queens Potatoes

Fresh in this week is the first crop of Irish Queens, they have excellent flavour and floury texture.

These potatoes are versatile, all rounded high dry matter variety suitable for baking, mashing, roasting and frying.

Available in 10 kilo bags