Attyflin Estate Irish Apples

We are delighted to be partnered with Attyflin Estate, Attyflin, Co Limerick to bring you some of the tastiest apples of the season!

Freshly picked daily, Attyflin Estate “Elstar” variety apples are Richardsons newest edition to our premium Harvest Select range of fruits.

The Attyflin Estate is set on 250 acres in Ireland’s Golden Vale. Located adjacent to the world renowned and picturesque village of Adare, the Attyflin Estate is the home of a vibrant working estate, steeped in the traditions of food produce and a thriving agri-business. Attyflin have an extensive orchard over a 10 acre area producing a wide variety of apples through out the season.

These carefully hand picked fruits are a crisp, juicy and refreshing fruit that is perfect for a mid-morning snack or a natural pick me up mid-afternoon!

Available now for next day delivery in beautifully presented 5 kilo boxes (approx 35 – 40)

Contact us today at to find out more about this super fruit!