Kaki Fruit – In Season Now

Kaki Fruit (Persimmon) are in their prime right now if you fancy trying something different. They are usually only available for a 4 week period only in this prime state but due to excellent weather, the crop is due to carry on for 8 weeks so get in while the going is good.

To introduce Kaki fruit if it is unfamiliar to you, it is an amazing, fleshy, tasty fruit that has a lot of health benefits.

Kaki fruit can be used as a fruit in both sweet and savory applications. When ripe it is preferred fresh as a salad ingredient and dessert garnish. Persimmons can be added to salsas, used to create sauces, pureés, jams and used as an additional ingredient for marinades. Persimmons can also be baked, used as an principal ingredient in breads, cookies, cakes and ice creams. Sharon fruit pairs well with squashes, pumpkins, bright fresh cheeses such as mild chevre, aged cheeses such as manchego and parmesan. It also pairs well with pepitas, almonds, figs, pears, candied apricots, grilled shellfish and pork.

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